Listen to KTI Country on your Amazon device!

You can now listen to KTI Country on your Amazon device!

If you’re a new user, just plug in your Amazon device, download the Alexa app to your phone or tablet to finish the set-up process. (Of course, if you don't have an Amazon account, you'll be prompted to sign-up.)

When you’re done, be sure to enable the KTI Country skill online (type in "KTI Country skill" in the skills search box) or simply say, "Alexa, enable KTI Country skill."


Once you're enabled, say "Alexa, Open KTI Country” and you’re all set. 

So what exactly is an Alexa skill?

Amazon describes it as "voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa devices." Basically, users can interact with Alexa enabled devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap or Echo Show, with skills. And the best part is, these custom skills are absoultely free to interact with on your device!

One important note -- make sure to use the command, "Alexa, Open KTI Country" after you've enabled the station. If a user uses a different phrase, such as "Alexa, stream KTI Country" or "Alexa, play KTI Country," another app like Tunein will open. So stick with "Alexa, Open KTI Country" to access our livestream and weather update!

Here are some of the commands you can use to get started:

"Alexa, open KTI Country and Listen Live"
"Alexa, open KTI Country and play Weather Update"

If you need to interrupt your listening time, simply say, "Alexa, stop."

If you haven't already, you can purchase the Amazon Echo by clicking here. And, for the Amazon Echo Dot, click here. 

If you still need assistance, follow this link.

And as always, thanks for listening to KTI Country!

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