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So I have had quite a few people start to notice my changes...mainly in what I am eating and my positive posts coming back on Facebook. It is so surprising to me on how lost we get when we don't feel good about ourselves or where we are in our lives.

For those of you who don't know me, I have to say I have been thru thick and thin with this body of one time even losing over 100 pounds! But it wasn't just my body that went thru it all. 

I was chunky when I was born, I was thin for a lil bit, then I battled my weight consistently from 5th grade on. Low self-esteem was the norm thru high school, unless I was on my horse. I knew what I was doing there, I was confident, I worked long hours on small progress working constantly and consistently towards perfection and it paid off in the events I won.

yep those were lil blonde curls! 

Dang, Jr.High was crazzy with those big glasses! 

And of course in a senior photo you can see my weight has never been easy for me thru these years. 


Now that you know a bit about my early years let me tell you a bit about what happened after high school! ....come back and check out my next blog next week! 


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