Song Highlight: "Downtown's Dead" - Sam Hunt's NEW single

Drinkin' too much, drinkin' too much 
Since you been gone, I can't get gone enough 
I'm on top of the world, going down 
I'm gonna drink it all 'til you're not around…

Those are just some of the lyrics to Sam Hunt's brand new single out today (5/16)  This is his first single in 15 months!  A lot has been going on in his life since his last release including marriage. 
Most of his singles have a common thread...and this one is no different, that is the writers. Hunt, Josh Osborne, Zach Crowell and Shane McAnally co-wrote "Downtown's Dead." It's the same foursome that penned "Body Like a Back Road." Some combination of two or three of these writers was also part of every song on Montevallo, an album produced by Crowell and McAnally.  Which could be why this sounds quite close to those. It's a bit more of a summer-influence with a pop-country beat.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts! 


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