The Sporkie Awards at the Wisconsin State Fair

Awarding unique and unusual food from the fair


The annual "Sporkie Awards" were Wednesday afternoon at the Wisconsin State Fair! The Sporkies award unique and unusual food from the State Fair each year. 

Eight finalists are chosen from a LOT of entries. This year's finalists include... 

Buffalo Mac & Cheese Quesadilla 

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Bites 

Three Little Pigs Ravioli

Spagetti and Meatballs Mozzarella Sticks

...and more! 

CLICK HERE to see pictures of all the finalists!

KTI Country was at the awards ceremony....

First place went to Albanese’s Roadhouse for Spaghetti and Meatballs Mozzarella Sticks 

Second place went to La Coppa Artisan Gelato for Chocomela Nachos

Third place went to Budweiser Pavilion for Budweiser Pavilion Triple Threat

Congrats to the winners and ALL the finalists! 


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