Three Word Weekend

Three words that describe your weekend!


Hope you had a good weekend! It *finally* felt like summer in SE Wisconsin, and I don't know about you... but I enjoyed EVERY minute of it! 

I can tell I'm a real adult now, because I pay a LOT of attention to hanging baskets, and for the first time ever, have several in my yard! One of them was looking pretty pathetic when we bought it and now it's BLOOMING beautifully! We went to the West Allis Farmers Market on Saturday and thanks to the help of a super friendly flower-farmer, we knew exactly what we needed to MAKE OUR OWN basket from several different types of flowers and greenery. Look, Ma!! I can garden!! :) 

Here are a couple pictures from my weekend... 


SO, my THREE WORD WEEKEND is... "SUN, GREEN THUMB." What's yours? 

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