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Carol Vonn
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It was my dear mama who chose my radio career years ago when she marched into the local laundromat I was working at after graduating high school and said: "Here's an application for the community college in Ft. Dodge, IA! Sign up for something because you are not living in the basement forever!" (Editor's note: Not that there's anything wrong with that.) 

True story: She and I toured the local radio station in Carroll, IA. Within a week, I signed up for Radio Broadcasting 101 at ICCC and started the next fall.  (Editor's note: I can still hear the sound of tires screeching out of the parking lot as she deposited me at the dorm.) 

Fast forward -- A few years and many moves later, here I am at KTI Country doing my favorite on-air shift -- Middays 9AM - 2PM. What's not to love? I can sleep in a bit, share the workday with YOU and be home in time for dinner! I have also worked radio in Iowa and Illinois and have counted up the times I have moved over the years:  23.  (Editor's note: This includes moving from one apartment to another, usually for a bigger closet and a better parking spot.)   

I'm out in Sussex now living with my dear husband, Al and arrogant cat, Lola. I've been in the Milwaukee area for over 12 years and have to say one of my favorite things of living here is the Wisconsin State Fair! Hopefully I'll see you at the giant slide and we can have a corn dog! I hope you tune in at work-- I promise MORE of your country favorites during the workday and a few cat stories on top of it. (Editor's note: but not too many ... I know we have a few dog lovers out there, too.)

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