Report: Rodgers wants more opt-out opportunities with next Packers contract

It looks like the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers not only wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in football and remain a Packer the rest of his career.

He also reportedly wants to make sure he can negotiate more opportunities for that highest-level salary to stay that way. says that Rodgers wants "more built-in control...on his future" when it comes to his contract., including an "opt-out" opportunity for him to keep raising his salary.

However, as the article reminds us, Rodgers has two years on his salary and the Packers have the ability to put a "franchise tag" on him the next two seasons after that, keeping Green Bay potentially in control of his contract until the end of the 2021 campaign.

Right now, per, Rodgers has the 10th-highest salary for a quarterback - one that doesn't reflect his status as arguably the greatest quarterback in the game today (and the quarterback with the greatest statistical passer rating in the game's history).

All reports seem to indicate the Packers and Rodgers are close to a contract extension and it should be expected before the start of the 2018 campaign.

What possibly might the contract look like in the end that could appease both sides? How might they structure it so the Packers don't lose the control they want, but Rodgers gets the pay he wants?

They could get very creative.

One speculative brainstorm example: Put a clause in Rodgers' new contract that says:
- If the Packers win the Super Bowl and Rodgers starts every game where the Packers have something to play for that season, (for example, not including a situation where the Packers have already clinched home field advantage before the 16th game of the regular season)
- Rodgers' salary automatically escalates to the highest-paid player in the sport at the beginning of every remaining season, with every dollar of that contract being guaranteed.

It might take that kind of creativity to make the deal happen that both sides want - particularly to fulfill Rodgers' desire to play into his 40's and remain a Packers player for life.

Stay tuned.

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