Rodgers' gives police officers tickets to Packers-Bears game

Perhaps in the theme of unity that Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers are espousing with the national anthem tonight before their game with the archrival Chicago Bears, Rodgers took a step to honor police officers with his ticket giveaway.

The week before, Rodgers' ticket giveaway was tied to civil rights, in the theme of why many NFL players are protesting treatment of minorities by how they are taking a knee during the national anthem.

President Trump has been loudly critical of those protests, causing a firestorm around the issue and around the NFL in the last week.

Three Packers players protested during the anthem last week. Rodgers and his teammates have called for fans to unify by linking arms tonight during the anthem as most players did Sunday, but some are choosing to even believe that to be too much of a change in protocol with the anthem.

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