VIDEO: Packers coach Mike McCarthy on Damarious Randall and Cowboys rivalry

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Damarious Randall gave up a touchdown pass. Minutes later, he was off the field completely.

The Packers cornerback had a confrontation with coaching staff members that led to him being off the field and sideline during the remainder of the Packers-Bears game Thursday night.

One week later, after what was described as internal discussions, Coach Mike McCarthy says he's back with the team in full activities.

McCarthy told WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News" that the lessons learned by Randall - in a general sense - are the kind everyone learns in the professional world.

"It's about being accountable, committed to what we're all here to do, and that is win, to be successful, go about the progress and the process that needs to go on each and every week to continue to grow," said McCarthy. 

"It's about behavior, energy and those types of things. We're all committed to the same cause, and that's winning."

Winning is a task the Packers have been successful at so far - a 3-1 start to the 2017 season - but they have a challenge ahead of them: A talented Dallas Cowboys team on the road that has had a struggle, a 2-2 start to their campaign.

This will be the sixth meeting in the past four years between the teams. Is this as big of a rivalry as the division rivalries?

"I don't (think so," said the coach. 

"I look at the Cowboys a little bit just like the Seahawks, a team we've played a lot lately. It's always a big game when you get together due to the success of both teams. Division games are unique due to the fact you play them twice a year. You know them so well. They're very difficult games. Dallas and Green Bay, obviously, has great history to it. They are always tough games to compete in, especially when you go on the road. That is a big stadium, a unique place to play. We have fond memories of being in that building, but every opportunity is unique to itself. That will be a big challenge Sunday."

For the full interview on Wis. Morning News, listen below.

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